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Yu Liang Qing

Your Chinese medicine health expert
Our brand has a proud long history of more than 160 years tracing back to the “Yu Liang Qing Hao” pharmacy founded in 1739. Since then we have earned wide praise for our effective traditional plasters and high-quality drugs. In 1955, we set up China’s first rubber patch product line, brought modern vitality to Chinese traditional plaster formulas. We also focus on research and development of Chinese patent medicine, perfect traditional medicinal treatment with new technology. Now we are national-grade new high-tech enterprise with GMP certificated production department and testing center, doctoral workstation , and product lines cover 7 dosage forms including rubber patches, mixtures, granules, capsules, tinctures, ointments and plasters.
China Time-honored Brand identified by Commerce Ministry
163 year’s experience of patch making
51 R & D staffs and doctoral workstation
31000 square meters GMP certificated plant

Chinese Medical Health For The Whole Family

Our products cover multiple fields such as patches, oral medicines, skin cares and health supplements. As the preferred medicine brand for millions of Chinese families, we are now ready to embrace more users and bring effective, safe, Chinese health care to global family.
Focus on the aged
Aging group oriented patch formula effectively solve rheumatic arthritis, fatigue and degenerative joint pain problems, enjoy the retired life with no pain.
Support your exercise
How our patch offer you a quick recovery from exercise and daily bruises, sprain, contusion and muscle/joint pain.
Take care of your family
Pure Chinese medicinal preparation safe and effective for daily use.
Vitalize the body
Natural Chinese medicinal ingredients improve your health in a harmonious way.

yu liang qing

The patch series, which developed from traditional Chinese plasters, is our most historic product line. Our plasters have been famous for their significant curative effect since Qing dynasty and regarded as one of “Three Treasures”of Anhui Province. As the Pioneer of China’s rubber patches , we improve classic formulas with modern techniques to achieve better treatment and more comfortable using experience.

Hot Products

Classic, safe, effective, innovative ; health-care products hot-selling for decades in China.
Patch Series
  • Chinese pain patch

    Circulation promoting & Pain relief Patch

    Signature product of our patch series , an over-all treatment for diverse groups. Innovative formula made of 28 Chinese medicines, effectively treat symptoms. Four-way stretch cloth backing and micropore punching technology bring comfortable using experience. Well proven by market in past 50 years with annual sales of billions, market share more than 80%.

  • Yuliangqing muscle relaxer patch

    Total Relaxing & Activating Pain Relief Patch

    Best for relieve injury swelling and pain , especially for soft tissues injuries. Clinically tested by 172 Closed Fractures patients. Total effective rate 85.5%, 21.9% higher than control group.

  • pain relief patches

    Musk Bone Strengthening patch

    Bone strengthening formula benefit for the senior group. Add chondroitin to nourish and promote cartilage regeneration. Contain skin anti-allergic ingredients. Large-size patch more suitable for neck, shoulder and low back.

  • Chinese pain patch

    Musk Pain Relief Patch

    Strongly dissipate coldness and relieve pains. An effective solution for joints swelling and numbness. Large-size patch more suitable for neck, shoulder and low back.

Herbal Essential Teas
  • Menopause Symptoms Relief Tea

    Life Delightful Menopause Symptoms Relief Tea

    Each set contains 15 tea packs and 15 flavor packs (5 flavors) Ingredients: Jujube,Liquorice,Wheat Capacity:3g/Bags Exp. Date: Within 24 Months

  • Low Blood Lipids Reducing Tea

    Keep It Low Blood Lipids Reducing Tea

    Each set contains 15 tea packs and 15 flavor packs (5 flavors) Ingredients: Goji,Hawthorn,Lotus leaf,Cassia seed Capacity:3g/Bags Exp. Date: Within 24 Months

  • Ovary Regulating Tea supplier

    Always Beauty Ovary Regulating Tea

    Each set contains 15 tea packs and 15 flavor packs (5 flavors) Ingredients: Mulberry,Goji,Arillus longan,Sealwort,Raspberry,Chinese yam,Dried tangerine peel Capacity: 6g/Bags Exp. Date: Within 24 Months

  • Breast Health Tea supplier

    Healthy Curves Breast Health Tea

    Each set contains 15 tea packs and 15 flavor packs (5 flavors) Ingredients: Taraxacum, Poria cocos, Rose, Lemon, Chinese angelica Capacity:6g/Bags Exp. Date: Within 24 Months

Oral Preparations
  • natural remedies for insomnia

    Suan Zao Ren Mixture

    Relaxing sleep aid Effective anti-anxiety Memory improvement

  • Cough expectorants medicine

    She Dan Chuan Bei Oral Solution (sugar free)

    Classic prescription, best for coughing with inflammation and symptoms such sore throat and thick sputum. Sugar-free type suitable for group who have restrictions on sugar, such as diabetics, hyperlipidemia and obesity patients, etc. A preferred product in pediatric department. Half of dosage shall be used for children under 7, and standard dosage for children 7 years old and more.

  • heat stroke first aid

    Shi Di Shui Liquid

    Pure Chinese medicinal preparation effectively relieve discomfort caused by summer/tropical heat

  • Cold and flu medicine

    Wind-cold Cough Granules

    Best for cough and other symptoms caused by sudden cold and low temperature. Pure Chinese medicinal preparation safe and convenient as a household medicine, can be applied to children.

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