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About Us

Brand History

AnHui AnKe YuLiangQing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
is a well-known enterprise in Anhui Province. The brand has a proud long history of 160 years tracing back to the "Yu Liang Qing Hao" pharmacy in Qing Dynasty (founded in 1739), and is first "China time-honored brand"  enterprise identified by National Ministry of Commerce.


We are national-grade new high-tech and quality-management advanced enterprise, as well as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd.

We have modernized productio
n department and testing center with GMP (latest edition) certification,product lines cover 7 dosage forms including rubber patches, mixtures, granules, capsules, tinctures, ointments and plasters. We produce 30 kinds of drugs and 10 kinds of medical instruments, among which are 4 national high-tech products and nationally known "Huo Xue Zhi Tong" (Circulation Promoting & Pain relief) patch.

With the belief of "Fine manufacture for high-quality medicine and public health", we focus on the essence of Chinese medicine and combine it with modern technology, try our best to take a vital and public-spirited role in Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

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